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3/29/06 4/3/06 1. World is caught by Europe (Eu) as Eu is ascending, not descending a. Post-plague Europe, low resources, lowest point b. Critical period in history 2. “New world” is new opportunities a. Eu did not previously know that Americas (Amer) exist b. Considered only Eu and Asia c. When Spanish (Sp) and Portugese (Po) both find “Asia”, Pope gives Sp Amer, and Po Asia 3. Colonists from Sp in Mexico, indigenous person supposedly sees Virgin of Guadalupe a. Becomes tool of conversion in Mexico b. Send image to China to make image beautiful c. World is subjugated to similar ideas 4. American Colonization a. Americas were not colonized from east by Eu, and move west b. Actually, many other locations and countries i. French (Fr) in central united states ii. Sp in Central America iii. Asians iv. Eu in east 5. Spanish in Amer a. Big picture: Stagnates after time, while Eu rises b. Came to find people to convert, and for tangible wealth i. Did not find wealth (i.e. gold) ii. Plant sugar in carribean, get high volume, high quality sugar 1. Also find people to put to work 2. Many deaths, wipes out indigenous community of Carribean 3. Today: Cuba still relies on sugar, and lots of labor a. Africans take place of indigenous when they are gone b. Chinese take place of Africans when they are gone c. Aztecs i. Herman Cortez finds gold, burns ships on gulf coast of Mexico (Mex) d. Ficticious novel says in California there is lots of gold and women i. Number 1 read, many explorers to middle of Amer from the South ii. Important Expedition 1. Cabeza De Vaca, Estevanico (Film: Cabeza De Vaca ) a. Dropped of in Florida, ship returns and does not find them b. Walk across modern Southern US border to California c. Walk straight to SE Mexico (Sp colony), Aztecs already conquered d. Everyone wants to know what they saw i. Ponce de Leon + other explorers searching for El Dorado, Amazons, etc ii. They say saw “seven cities of gold” on horizon in Arizona
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1. Reflection off of roofs, etc, not actually gold iii. Also said saw women, 3 breasts (?) iv. Spanish investigate southern US to find both above 1. Find nothing, but establish settlements 2. They perceive no threats 3. Find in S Mexico exploitable population a. Create exploitation systems i. Encomienda (get land of conquered area) 6. Encomienda details a. Mainly takes place in SE Mexico b. Get land of conquered area, but most convert c. Win-win-win situation i. Colonists : laborers ii. Church : “Saves souls” iii. Monarchy : Subjects d. However, very difficult to convert, conflicting interests i. Own beliefs of indigenous ii. Colonists don’t care about conversion iii. Church don’t care about labor e. Result: Indigenous people population drops sharply by 1600’s i. Disease (smallpox) ii. Catholic church tries to save indigenous, but colonists still need labor 1. Propose African slaves, take place of indigenous labor force iii. Residues of system still in place today 1. i.e. must give labor to state every year
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AES150 - LectureNotes - 1 World is caught by Europe(Eu as...

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