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“EMERGENCE OF A NEW GENERATION” IKE’s EISENHOWER’s 1950’s American life 1.Disneyland = Conventional U.S. 2.Early Rock and Roll = Changing Times 3.Segregation Challenged: -Brown v. Board of Education (1954) -Montgomery, AL Bus Boycott (1957) -New goal: INTEGRATION DISNEYLAND: -no people of color, all white employees -not a real picture of American society -a Main Street with shops- Consumerism is American! EARLY ROCK AND ROLL: -demographic changes -Baby Boomers becoming teenagers -Record sales increased -Mid-1950’s: went up 300% -Pepsi “My Generation” Ads -migration of African Americans out of the South -to Northern and Western cities -brought with them styles like the blues, gospel -disc jockey -Allen Freed: nationally famous dj -started out playing in Cleveland to blacks -Elvis Presley -White performer out of South -link between whites and blacks in this music scene -1954: record contract -comes onto scene at the ‘perfect moment’ -‘cross-over artist’ white who sang black music -1956: Ed Sullivan Show -white youth culture is dancing to music by black artists -entertainment had positive vibrations in mixing cultures SEGREGATION CHALLENGED: -through governmental channels and individual channels -NAACP: governmental channel -school segregation battled in Brown v. Board of Education -Supreme Court ruled Segregation unconstitutional -14 th Amendment says ‘citizen’s have equal protection under the law’ -Plessy v. Ferguson in mid-1890’s had said it was under ‘separate but equal’ Emergence of a New Generation?? -The face of the world was changing dramatically
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