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Environmental: WEEK 1 Transboundry pollution is a main theme of the movie shown on Tuesday. Mexico has abandoned factories that pollute the area. Resources: www.epa.gov (Environmental Terms), www.atsdr.cdc.gov (Chemicals) (Test: Study Wells Test: Study the map in “A Civil Action” Concept: Studies improve upon eachother Epidemiological studies WR Grace is the industrial company accused of causing pollution to the water that caused leukemia in the children. Water was pumped underground in pipes under streets. The town drew 2 new wells (G & H) Well H is the furthest from the town. Water from that well turned many objects subject to the water brown, dishwashers, clothes, ect. Midnight dumping was occurring around the Arizona river which is connected to the wells G & H. The dumped barrels caused no contaminate chemicals. The Industrial company above the dumping was suspected of the chemical pollution. The Woburn odor and the contamination of the water was connected by the arsenic byproduct dumped by the industrial company. The majority of the leukemia cases were occurring in East Woburn. Arsenic at 400x the normal level in the water of the industry. The industry had put a well right above an old arsenic dump site. Conclusion: Charlie Ryan was the news paper reporter and ex-well driller. He found out that there was dumping of 185 barrels on the Riley Company property, parent company of Beatrice, which is the parent company of Grace (These companies have very deep pockets, which means they are financially wealthy). The Industrial plex was near Woburn. Woburn, known for its tanneries, heavily contaminated through its industry. The Epidemiological studies were supposed to show a correlation of the two variables. Public Health Studies : Center of disease control (Check website for video overview) US Environmental Law to Control Toxic Substances Week 2 Regulatory Scheme - US Government regulates a chemical substance at its: o Prevention or minimization o Manufacture o Distribution
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o Use, Disposal and Clean up Some Major Environmental Statues - Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) - Pollution Prevention Act (PPA) - Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act ( CERCLA ) Superfund - Resource Conservation and Recovery Act ( RCRA ) TSCA of 1976 (Preventative Statute to Regulate Chemicals) - To prevent “unreasonable risks of injury to health or the environment.” - Emphasis is on regulating products rather than wastes. - To regulate thousands of toxic chemicals that are in… - EPA can prohibit or limit production, distribution, use, and disposal or require warning labels. - Industry must notify EPA at least 90 days before producing or importing a new chemical. -
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Environmental - Environmental: WEEK 1 Transboundry...

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