The observed decrease in coke formation with

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Unformatted text preview: tial oxidation of propane, especially the catalyst with a lower Ni loading (Ni10) calcined at 900°C. It exhibited the best performance compared to the other catalysts including a conventional steam reforming Ni/Al2O3 catalyst doped with K2O. 6. Literature 145 6. Literature [1] F. Cavani, F. Trifirò and A. Vaccari, Catal. Today 11 (1991) 173-301 [2] A. Vaccari, Catal. Today 41 (1998) 53-71 [3] B. Montanari, A. Vaccari, M. Gazzano, P. Käßner, H. Papp, J. Pasel, R. Dziembaj, W. Makowski and T. £ojewski, Appl. Catal. B 13 (1997) 205-217 [4] E.C. Kruissink ,L.E. Alzamora, S. Orr, E.B.M. Doesburg, L. van Reijen, J.R.H. Ross and G. van Veen in ‘Preparation of Cataysts II’, B. Delmon, P. Grange, P.A. Jacobs and G. Poncelet (editors), Elsevier, Amsterdam 1979, pp. 143157 [5] K.B. Mok, J.R.H. Ross and R.M. Sambrook in ‘Preparation of Cataysts III’, G. Poncelet, P. Grange and, P.A. Jacobs (editors), Elsevier, Amsterdam, 1983, pp. 291-299 [6] D.C. Puxley, I.J. Kitchener, C. Komodromaos and N.D. Parkyns in ‘Preparation of Cataysts III’, G. Poncelet, P. Grange and P.A. Jacobs (editors), Elsevier, Amsterdam, 1983, pp. 237-271 [7] O. Clause, B. Rebours, E. Merlen, F. Trifirò and A. Vaccari, J. Catal. 133 (1992) 231-246 [8] F. Trifirò, A. Vaccari and O. Clause, Catal. Today 21 (1994) 185-195 [9] F. Basile, L. Basini, M. D’ Amore, G. Fornasari, A. Guarinoni, D. Matteuzzi, G. Del Pietro, F. Trifirò and A. Vaccari, J. Catal. 173 (1998) 247-256 [10] M.A. Peña, J.P. Gómez and J.L.G. Fierro, Appl. Catal. A 144 (1996) 7-57 6. Literature [11] J.N. Armor, Appl. Catal. A 176 (1999) 159-176 [12] G. Martino, P. Courty and C. Marcilly in ‘Handbook of Heterogeneous Catalysis’ G. Ertl, H. Knözinger and J. Weitkamp (editors), VCH, Weinheim, 1997, pp.1804-1818 [13] J. Scherzer and A.J. Gruia ‘Hydrocracking Science and Technology’, Marcel Dekker, New York, 1996, pp. 1-8 [14] Süddeutsche Zeitung, ‘Beim Sprit gehören die Briten zu den Vorreitern’, 16.11.2000 [15] N.N....
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