gumentary System Integumentary System Introduction Introduction

Epidermal strata epidermal thick vs thin skin thick

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Unformatted text preview: being replaced. Epidermal Strata Epidermal Thick vs. Thin Skin Thick Skin Pigmentation Skin Multiple factors involved including: Genetics, UV Exposure, Melanin, Genetics, Carotene, Hemoglobin Carotene, Dermis Dermis Dermis Dermis “Friction Ridges” (fingerprints) Pattern/Arrangement of papilla Pattern/Arrangement atop larger dermal ridges dermal Dermis Dermis “Cleavage Cleavage (tension) lines” (tension) Pattern/Arrangement Pattern/Arrangement of collagen bundles in the Dense Irregular CT of dermis dermis Dermis Dermis “Flexure lines” Points of “Extra Points Extra Attachment” to Attachment to underlying tissues underlying Dermis Dermis “Stretch Marks” (Striae) “Blisters” Questions? Questions?...
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