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Practice Midterm Answers - OBE 153 Spring 2005 Sample...

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OBE 153 Spring 2005 Sample Midterm Exam Name: ___________________ MIDTERM EXAMINATION Instructions : This exam consists of 30 questions covering the first eight chapters as outlined in the course syllabus. Please answer all multiple choice questions by filling in your choice for each question on your Scantron sheet. Please answer the short-answer questions in the space provided under the question. You will need a #2 pencil for the Scantron. If you have any questions during the exam, please raise your hand so the instructor can come to you. Please place all of your books and papers under your table. You have a full class period (75 minutes) to complete this exam. 1. Whereas organizational behavior generally focuses on the behavior of individuals within an organization, human resource management generally focuses on: A. The recruiting and selection functions of a firm B. The systems used by an organization to manage people C. The right to make decisions or direct others’ work D. The interface between technology, organizations, and employees 2. The ‘glass ceiling’ that many women experience with regards to promotion in the workplace demonstrates a violation of: A. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act (1978) B. The Equal Pay Act (1963) C. The Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) D. The Civil Rights Act (1964/1972) 3. Job analysis should only be used to establish the KSAs that a typical person on the job will need: A. True B. False 4. How does the equation ‘Y = mX + B’ relate to organizational recruiting: A. It shows how two variables relate on a scatter plot B. It is the equation for a normal distribution C. It has nothing to do with recruiting D. It describes the trend analysis in recruiting forecasting 5. Evaluating the criterion-related validity of a selection test: A. Only has to be done once B. Can only be done by a consulting or testing company
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Practice Midterm Answers - OBE 153 Spring 2005 Sample...

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