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Lecture 1 notes 1-23-08

Lecture 1 notes 1-23-08 - 1 Ancient Greece 1 Pottery...

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Ancient Greece 1: Pottery, Painting, Intro. To Architecture Periods in Greek Art: Geometric c. 1000-700 BC Orientalizing c. 700-600 BC Archaic c. 600-480 BC Late Archaic to Classical c. 530-400 BC Classical c. 480-323 BC Hellenistic 323-31 BC Humanism/”Man is the Measure of All Things” Pottery/Painting Geometric Period- Small human figures and intricate decoration 7.1: Geometric belly-handled amphora, 8 th C. BC, terra-cotta (7.1) Funerary Art- Pot used as grave markers. Usually have a picture of a funeral on it Meander pattern- S-Shaped pattern that interlocks Krater from the Dipylon cemetery, c. 740 BC, Terra-cotta Prothesis Scene- Dead body Lying down everyone is morning Geometric Krater with Ekphora Scene Ekphora Scene- Transporting body to tomb Orientalizing Period- Geometric pattern get pushed to the edges of the pot, main area of pot has more narrative scenes 7.2: Polyphemos Painter, Amphora, 675-650 BC, Terra-cotta Polyphemos- Cyclops Odysseus- Blinding of the Cyclops to get out of the cave Archaic Period-
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