lecture notes 4 2-4-08

lecture notes 4 2-4-08 - Coffers square boxes on roof 9.32...

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Ancient Rome II Eruption of Vesuvius and Burial of Pompeii and Herculaneum, 79 AD Roman wall painting Fresco First Style Second Style 9.34: Frescoes at the Villa of the Mysteries, Pompeii, c. 65-50 BC Third Style Fourth Style 9.37: Frescoes at the House of the Vettii, Pompeii, c. 63-79 AD Sacro-Idyllic Landscape 9.11: Colosseum (Coliseum), Rome, c. 72-80 A.D. – Build on a dry lake, , bottom there is a Doric order, ionic on 2 nd , cranthion on 3 rd , 4 th pillars Vespasian, 69-79 AD- Travertine 9.15, 9.16, 9.17: Pantheon, Rome, 117-125 A.D. Hadrian, 118-138 AD- Rome reached biggest size and most powerful under his rule Rotunda- Big round room Oculus- the circle on roof Tufa- volcanic rock that the building is made of
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Unformatted text preview: Coffers- square boxes on roof 9.32: Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius, 164-166 A.D., bronze Marcus Aurelius, 161-180 AD-philophaser emperor, lost most his children to disease 9.33: Constantine The Great, from the Basilica of Constantine, Rome, 313 AD, marble Constantine I (The Great), 307-337 AD- 9.25: Arch of Constantine, Rome, c. 313 AD, marble Triumphal arch Edict of Milan, 313 AD- legalized Christianity Battle for Milvian Bridge- Battle between Constantine and other Emperor 9.26: Medallions and Frieze, Arch of Constantine Spolia- Things you take from something to use for you, to parts off other arches to us for his own arch...
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lecture notes 4 2-4-08 - Coffers square boxes on roof 9.32...

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