Lecture 5 notes, 2-6-08

Lecture 5 notes, 2-6-08 - Screen wall(Curtain wall – a...

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Early Christian 10.3, 10.4: Plan and Elevation, Old St. Peter’s, AD 333-390 Basilica- Church Nave- center hall Aisle- separated by columns Apse- Semi circle cut in wall were statue went Transept- made building look like cross Narthex- porch area Atrium- court yard Altar Longitudinal Plan Byzantine 10.6 and 10.7: Martyrium of San Vitale, Ravenna, Italy, 540-47 AD Martyrium- Central Plan- central point 10.8: Interior of San Vitale, looking East toward the apse, AD 540-547 10.10: Court of Justinian , San Vitale, c. 547 AD, mosaic – the emperor of byzantine 10.12: Court of Theodora, San Vitale, c. 547 AD, mosaic – queen of byzantine Mosaic- tile art Tessera (plural: tesserae) – the individual tiles in mosaic 10.13-10.15: Anthemius of Tralles and Isidorus of Miletus, Hagia Sophia , Constantinople, 532-537 AD Pendentive - the triangle structure that helps translate a square to dome Squinch- structure you put in the corners of the a square structure to support the dorm
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Unformatted text preview: Screen wall (Curtain wall) – a wall that doesn’t bare any weight, it just separates the inside form outside. Anglo-Saxon- lived in england 11.5: Purse cover from Sutton Hoo ship burial, Suffolk, England, ca. 625 AD Cloisonné-technique used to make it, backing with little gold honeycombs on them that were filled with glass or stones Interlace— designs in cloisonné Zoomorphic interlace-animal interface Hiberno-Saxon— lived in scottland and ireland 11.6: Lion Symbol of St. John , folio 191v of the Gospel Book of Durrow, after AD 650, illuminated manuscript Illuminated manuscript- heavily deceroated manuscript Codex- book in standard book form spine Vellum-fine parchment, calf skin Tempera- pigment that you bond with egg yocks 11.7: Tunc Crucifixerant XRI, folio 124r from the Book of Kells, late 8th-early 9th century AD, illuminated manuscript Historiated initial...
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Lecture 5 notes, 2-6-08 - Screen wall(Curtain wall – a...

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