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10.24.05 Sovereignty and Goodness of God 100 years Letters from an American farmer (product of the revolutionary war) 100 years Huckleberry Finn(issue of slavery and looks on the effect of the civil war) All written during a war as America developed The division of land is one of the things that determines how the state is formed and the way people relate to each other. 1620/1640- mass migration from England to the “new world” (colonial new England and Massachusetts)(Bermuda)(West Indies) Massachusetts was the center of the puritan community
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Unformatted text preview: • European Invasion- since America was not new, there were already established people. North America was a site of invasion where Europeans were feuding over land. The British won the dispute. • Motacans War was a war about land because there was a rapid population boom from the British. • Church of England had an internal division and they called themselves “centers” 1. According to lecture, what was Metacoms war about? 2. What is a national covenant? 3. What is the difference between natural and civil rights to land?...
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