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10-31-2005 - life of a savage • Lady liberty standing in...

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Puritans wanted to set an example for the whole world o “A city on a hill” American Exceptionalism- “America is exceptional for one reason or another, something special going on, different, new...” Getting a right to property by investing labor into it. Theory of progress- o Crevecoeur’s claim that Americans are the western pilgrims o There is a theory of progress that makes Americans special. The notion of progressing westward is carrying the history of civilization and America is the place where it is going to make it complete o They are on a mission to complete a circle of expanding o To be a frontiers man you have to live society behind and almost live the
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Unformatted text preview: life of a savage. • Lady liberty standing in front of a plow- “Worship the Plow” • Conversion-o Lax Christian to better Christian o She has an experience of hybridity to Native American society. o English(European) to American o Meet unknown to hybridity o Decline in the absence of community o Farmer in a farming community • Land o Once you put labor into American soil you are American o Farming is very important to American society. o Men are like plants because of their adaptation, put them in the wild and they become savage, place them in society, and they stay civilized...
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  • Fall '05
  • humancore
  • Native Americans in the United States, Americas, Conversiono Lax Christian, Lady liberty standing, farming community Land

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