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11-14-2005 - nice cooperate person If he is kind and sweet...

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11.14.2005 If the state of nature is savage then we glorify civilization In contrasting she suppressed the evidence of the Indian civilization Generate the plow- farmer James cultivates and therefore civilizes nature In Crèvecoeur he does not choose a side Huck Finn avoids corrupt civilization Bondeson believes that Hauser is a fake. He wrote “The great Pretenders.” Feuerbach- had great authority, father of Ludwig Feuerbach who wrote the essence of Christianity. Considered to be the link between Hegel and Marx, because of his book where he argues for materialism and atheism. Out of Kaspars incoherent speech comes a phrase that connects him with a father. Reading Kaspar: o From the Keeper- Please take this loy, I kept him indoors, no human contact, take him into the cavalry unit o From his mother- I am a poor woman. Father is dead take him in. The 19 th century was a time of great advance for experimentation, positivism… in Europe Kaspar was the natural man because he didn’t not have corruption from society. Very
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Unformatted text preview: nice, cooperate person. If he is kind and sweet then the interpretation is man is good. He redeemed mankind. • He was a media event • Wild Child- hybrid- don’t belong to nature and don’t belong to civilization o Nature is savage / civilization is corrupted o Kaspar has been deprived of his human destiny- no contact with other beings and nature o Cannot be human without civilization and society, but being in society corrupts you o Kaspar was able to acquire language o Importance of language to humanity- the means of how we interact in society- no language = no interaction • Crèvecoeur vs. Huck Finn o Farm vs. raft Connection between family and community o Wigwam families Raft families J’s family in Indian village o Biological vs. adoptive families Adopted family/ community • Indian village • Naturalization • Adoptive mothers/ fathers o Hybridity coming to terms or not with hybridity o Idyllic family life o Slave families...
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11-14-2005 - nice cooperate person If he is kind and sweet...

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