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11-21-05 - Women deviate from the male model that he uses...

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11.21.05 In Nazi Germany psychoanalysis was not commonly practiced Infantile sexuality- not accepted Freud establishes a complicated and effective ego o Assumption that he is appealing to similar minds with similar experiences o Constructs a narrative persona o If we accept him as he says he is, his integrity is established o Uses literary quotations by referring to poets. Uses German poets so he can take on their authority. Despite his reputation we fail to accept his beliefs Demises religious practices.
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Unformatted text preview: Women deviate from the male model that he uses • Neurosis and mental suffering begins in the family • Freud goal was to relieve human suffering • Empiricism and Empathy o Used empirical observation to fuel his empathy o Tried to use his own feelings to analyze other people’s feelings. • Women represent the interests of the family • Seduction theory- all neurosis was the result of sexual childhood abuse • Ethos – authority of speaker • Pathos – Emotion • Logos – Logic...
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