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Unformatted text preview: e difference between “finding the 2’s compliment of a number” and “2’s compliment representation” 3) Problem 1.7 from text book (skip 1’s complement part) 4) a) Find the value of z for the following problems using bit‐shifting. Truncate the fractional part if applicable. All values represent unsigned numbers. The value z is written to an 8‐bit bus i) (01101001)2 / (00001000)2 = (z)2 ii) (1010)2 x (0010) = (z)2 The value z is written to an 8‐bit bus The value z is written to a 32‐bit bus iii) (A43F)16 / (0004)16 = (z)16 iv) (FFFF)16 x (00100000)2 = (z)16 The value z is written to a 64‐bit bus b) Repeat part a) assuming signed 2’s complement numbers for all the numbers c) Calculate the percent error due to truncation for parts a)i) and b)iv). 5) Express the values from problem 1.2 in BCD....
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