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Think Globally, Act Locally Rhetoric o Use of language in context o Effects of texts on audiences Rhetoric as persuasion performed through arguing Rhetoric as figurative language, troping o Began in ancient Greece o Forensic (legal) rhetoric- used to argue in the courts o Deliberative (political) rhetoric- way to become famous o Epideictic rhetoric (display oratory)- at ceremonies o Aristotle on Rhetoric- Ability to see, in any particular case, the available means of persuasion Realizing what you don’t say o Means of persuasion Ethos- character of speaker- speakers appeal to sense of what is true Pathos- emotions of the audience- speakers appeal to sense of what is pleasurable
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Unformatted text preview: Logos- logic of argument- speakers appeal to sense of what is good Rhetorical analysis o Theory and practice o tracking rhetorical paths of thought rhetoric of thinking thinking about rhetorical- what is he thinking Socrates- Plato- Aristotle Religion- cultural set of beliefs and practices relating humans to the supernatural, spiritual, or divine o Relate humans to superhuman Paul o Apostle to nations o Greek speaking diasphoric Jew who persecuted Christians and later converted to Christianity o Diasphoric Jew- Jew outside Palestine o Always carrying sword and book Sword- fight for faith Book- belief...
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