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Survey q3r- o Read o Write o Review St Paul o Allegory- life on Christ o Typology- relate old testament to life of Christ o Its first work of literary criticism- wrote guide book for new testament How to interpret old testament o Syllogism- unfolding series of logical claims ( If a then b, if b then c) o Trinity- god is son, father, holy spirit o The will comes before anything else, even judgment o If he knows the will of god he knows the judgment o Paul claims to know how God will judge things
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Unformatted text preview: o Ontology- what you know o He claims everything is an allegory of Christ o Simile leads towards allegory o The old fashioned way to talked about style and meaning is to say the style enhances the meaning. The MESSAGE is the exhortation. o What’s the problem with the simile- why and where does it fail- take humility and paradox of humility and pride. Simile of Christ’s body....
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