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5.17.2006 - o How is destruction positive It is not...

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Neoclassicism- real places, restraint/ over access Ultimately the implicit argument is the revolution had corruption within it and senseless violence. Juan Bruce Navoa- rejecting the image of the person looking down the gun. He has a passives quest. How is decency no longer a sign of morality Protestants wanted to strip signs of wealth and significance and equalize things and distinguish them on moral grounds The man with the gun as a reoccurring motif- idea that a man dying starring down the barrel of the gun is an icon. Shattering the icon of man staring down the barrel of the gun as an icon of revolution
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Unformatted text preview: o How is destruction positive?- It is not positive • What do you do with Juan Bruce Navoa attitude? o Is he advocating progress?-o Why would you want to communicate with other countries?- to get trade, cultural mixture o What does it mean to communicate on a global stage- o How were these architectural things mixed?-• Communism and the way he interprets Diego Rivera- interpreting colors to mean something, positions of the body, gestures, and icons. o Red- Maoism • How did the revolution fail and why using this book as an example-Marxism Maoism Som Communism...
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