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Common Team Problems There are numerous problems faced by teams. Some teams may face similar or very different problems during their operations. The most common type of problem faced by all teams is the failure to understand the goals and objectives of the project being executed. The other problem occurs when the team members are not sure of where and when to start their work due to postponement of decision-making by the executive. In such a situation, the team leader should call for a crisis meeting and give clarity and state the team's purpose to avoid future challenges
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Unformatted text preview:during the project. Another common problem is members who take control of the team and fail to allow others to raise their concerns (Williams, 2014). For instance, during meetings, some members may interrupt others while talking, making them feel disrespected and intimidated. In such a situation, the team leader should ensure that each member who is willing to contribute is allowed to air their views without interruptions from their colleagues.