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6.02.06 + HW - -read wikipedia entry of Diego Rivera-325...

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Unformatted text preview: -read wikipedia entry of Diego Rivera-325 hum core reader-325- What is national imaging- The mid-century project of Mexico which led the construction of the National University Campus in the middle of the colonial center of Mexico City.-326/327- what is Juan Bruce Navoa opposing- describe- opposes binary oppositions and condescension) he imposes that it seems to be a kind of pity and condescension- does not advocate European colonialism and he can be accused as dabbling in the past times of the idol rich. Morals are more European than indigenous because they defend existing society as propaganda. -328- What is the conflict between the national and international- can you give an example- It takes into account the national/positive and international/negative in relation to the change of Mexican aesthetics.-Bottom of 328- summarize small paragraph- main node of complexity in what he supports- Latin America theme of poverty or struggle is not to support independence but rather colonization and...
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