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Extentential alienation of the modern self Paz was talking about What is the effect of the frequent shifts of power in culture about the Mexican government? Paraphrase and style have a message o There is a message in the paraphrase o There is a message in the style Cenodoxus- o What do other people see? Only inside of him and his good deeds o Whats inside of him? Hypocrisy- it means that there is a contrast between his external
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Unformatted text preview: and internal self It means self love and pride • Azuela o Internal monologue- what someone is thinking, getting inside their mind- dramatic irony o How does cenodoxus- • There can be complexity in the artist into thinking about the artists lie about the government • Double consciousness in Paz- Masks and architecture of the Mexican psyche and • Bartra complicates that •...
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