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Unformatted text preview: Distinguish between empathy and pity (implicit criticism as the wrong way to view revolution and to classify the Mexicans) or ecstasy (stand outside of yourself- trying to understand ones plight from the within- put your self in ones position- seeing the inside from the outside) as models as cultural interaction What was the initial view of Demetrio In order to think about revolution- the voice of the revolution would have to be stable Initially was stable with a farm and family The desire to make revolutionaries stable compares to the desire to make Mexican revolution seem wealthy Talks about Europeanism to speak about Mexico in terms of ecstasy and standing outside yourself rather than talk about it in terms of pity What is dehumanizing about abstract art- there is no human Labyrinths of Modernity Muralo How is it revolutionary Represents the working class Marxist class struggle which is the new Darwinism which is inevitable Rivera's Vision of a Marxist Future Manual labor to industrialization International Capitalist Markey This is Rivera telling a lie for the government Murals were not that simple and there is something else going on here Blue working shirt of revolution Can see the lines in his face ...
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