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10.3.06 - distance from the sun is the same for all planets...

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Space Science 10/3/06 Kepler o Kepler’s 1 st law- Did not believe there was a center of Orbit because the planets rotated around the sun as an ellipse. o Kepler’s 2 nd law- planets move faster when it’s closer to the sun and slower when it is farther from the sun. But the sun moves in equal patterns of speed. o Kepler’s 3 rd law- P²/a³ = k – Ration between the square of the time needed by a planet to make a revolution around the sun and the cube of its average
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Unformatted text preview: distance from the sun is the same for all planets • Aphelion • Perihelion • AU- astronomical unit • Galileo Galilee o First to build: Pendulum clock Thermometer Telescope • Newton’s law- how much speed you need from a rocket to get into space • Orbital speed- circular orbit • Escape velocity- how much it needs to overcome gravitational pull of earth • Earth is what keeps astronauts in orbit...
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