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Homework 1 - Homework#1 Kunal Sharma 19423678 1 Personally...

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Homework #1 Kunal Sharma 19423678 1. Personally from the Hindu culture, I know that the planets and stars play a significant role in the lives of those who believe in the placement, direction, and formation of the stars and planets to govern, predict, and warn about events that have or will occur in their lives. By tracing the alignment of the stars and planet the Pundits (Hindu priests) or cosmologists can predict certain periods of time that can be auspicious, happy, tough, sad… They can predict the best times from which to married to buying a new car, purchasing a house or business, beginning an education… From research I have discovered that this art is placed under what is called Vedic Astrology which originated in India. It has been practiced from 8000 years ago to present day times. “Jyotish,” meaning the knowledge or science of light, use a “Sidereal system or fixed zodiac” to reveal practical matters and karmic patterns. There are 12 “houses” which each signify 30* which make up 360* on an astrology chart used to predict these patterns. The 12 houses each have unique and individual characteristics and traits that are used to show where a person’ life is currently at. I personally have had an experience of Jyotish where a Pundit took my date of birth, time of birth, and longitude and latitude of birth, along with my social security number to “predict” what kind of characteristics my wife would have, would kind of job would I be in, when I would die (which he did not tell me), how rich I would be… Even though this was more for fun, it showed the characteristics and techniques used by astrology and cosmology to predict how my life would be and how I should act now. This ancient form of art has contrasted and agreed with the general scientific knowledge of this universe in many ways. The main difference between this form and the western
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Homework 1 - Homework#1 Kunal Sharma 19423678 1 Personally...

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