4.21.06 - • Nuer( Sudan: NE Africa) o Cattle pastoralists...

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Social Organization Culture Social Organization o How does society work o Confronting problems o Through institutions- organized around a particular theme or task Social Structure o What are the different groups in society and what are the relationships between the groups Production- Intro Material conditions and forces Techniques of subsistence and subsistence strategies o Foraging- collection of wild foods from nature o Pre-industrial agriculture- domestication of plants and sometimes animals, manipulating their environment in order to receive food, rely on human and animal muscle power Extensive and Intensive o Pastoralism o Industrialism- relies on mechanical power People Mix techniques Transhumance o Shifts in production between seasons
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Unformatted text preview: • Nuer( Sudan: NE Africa) o Cattle pastoralists o Dry season Rivers- fishing o Rainy season Preindustrial agriculture Millet • Shifts between techniques o Over history do not always follow Unilinear evolutionary models o Foraging societies – agricultural – Industrialized and pastoral o Production techniques are not flexible • Foraging o Hunting and gathering Live in marginal environments o EG: San of the Kalahari Environments of the Kalahari desert Implications • Spatial mobility Seasonal round • When it rains they scatter in territory, and when its dry season, the congregate around the well • Small group size...
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4.21.06 - • Nuer( Sudan: NE Africa) o Cattle pastoralists...

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