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Exp 5 (cont2) - 20130602_173813

when should we stop rxn how to stop rxn whats the

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Unformatted text preview: ands should we see? - When should we stop rxn? How to stop rxn? - What's the control? blank without protein Why is the band growing? line gets bigger - the control is the blank line without protein -How many bands should we see: should see 5 bands if have 5 isosymes -how to stop rxn: wash with water and add 10% acidic to fix color LDH Subunit MW=? 35,000MW --> run in SDS-PAGE gel--> show 1 band muscle M4 --> 4M genes pI1 = 8.17--> whole LDH: pI= 8.17 140,000MW heart H4: pI2 = 6.02 --> tetramer: pI=6.02 M2 H2 How many isozymes? 5 forms of this enzyme: M4, H4, M2H2, M3H1, M1H3---> might see 5 bands...
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