You can use physical units of your own choosing just

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Unformatted text preview: × ω + hω 0 Vab = ab = M 0 ωab ω Assume that the various vectors in the figure are aligned with the closest coordinate axis, unless indicated otherwise. You can use physical units of your own choosing, just make sure to include them when describing the screw parameters (for example, pitch may be expressed as h = 3 mile/rad). 3 Properties and relations of twists In this exercise, we look at several properties and relations of twists of rigid bodies. We prove the general properties and apply it to the robotic mechanism in the figure below. In later lectures, we will review and use these properties as we discuss kinematics of general rigid mechanisms. All links in the figure have length 1, the rotation axes and angles are defined such that counter clockwise rotation (when viewed from above) is positive, hence the minus signs for θ2 and θ3 in...
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