C for the resulting twist compute its screw

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Unformatted text preview: , compute the equivalent unit twist ξ and ˆ scalar θ ∈ R, that is, the ξ and θ such that gab = eξθ . (c) For the resulting twist ξθ, compute its screw parameters in frame Ψa , that is, the line parameters (ω , r), magnitude M , and pitch h such that ￿ ￿ r × ω + hω ξθ = M (3) ω Give a geometric interpretation/description of this screw and the screw motion that takes Ψa to Ψb . 1 2 rad/s 0.2π cm a z 0.2 rad/s b 180 mph b Ψ0 b a y x Ψ0 10 cm y (a) Rotation around the elbow. y z 170 mph z Ψ x0 a x (b) Nascar racing. (c...
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