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Unformatted text preview: ￿ ￿ ￿ Rcd pcd Rcd ˆ Rcd pcd Adgcd = with gcd = 0 Rcd 0 1 c d The coordinate transformation is then given as Vab = Adgcd Vab . Use this operator to transform the 0 relative twist of bodies 2 and 3 from coordinate frame Ψ3 to coordinate frame Ψ0 , i.e.compute V23 3 from V23 . (e) Prove that if gac = gab gbc for general differentiable rigid-body transformations gab , gbc and gac , then d d d Vac = Vab + Vbc for any choice of coordinate frame Ψd . 0 (f ) Derive an expression for V02 , the absolute twist of link 2. 0 (g) Derive an expression for V03 , the absolute...
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