E second joint in a mechanism figure 2 motion and

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Unformatted text preview: ) A real screw in a wooden board. 3 rad/s ˙ φ ˙ θ d b z Ψ0 a 2 m/s x y b θ z x Ψ0 a 2m y (d) Rolling/bouncing wheel. (e) Second joint in a mechanism. Figure 2: Motion and their twists. 2 Twists and their screw parameters 0 For each of the indicated motions in the figures (a) through (e), find the instantanous twist Vab , that is, the rigid-body velocity of b relative to a, expressed in coordinates Ψ0 . Also find the screw parameters of the twist, that is, an axis direction ω (unit vector), axis location r (vector), pitch h (real number, possibly infinite), and magnitude M (positive number) such that ￿0￿ ￿ ￿ v r...
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