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Unformatted text preview: smaller numbers, the small numbers reflect the current Voltage, Current, O.V.P (Over Voltage Protection) and O.C. P (Over Current Protection) setup respectively. The procedure of setting up supply voltage and over voltage protection are introduced on the next page. PowerSupply Page 3 RIGOL Power Supply ‐ Page 3 Make Sure softkey under Volt is selected before you enter supply voltage. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. How to set the Voltage OK Button Setup a voltage supply: Press on the desired channel button. In the softkey group, press on the button under "Volt". Enter the supply voltage value using the numeric key pad located on the right upper corner of the front panel. Press the "OK" button once finished. "<‐‐" button is backspace. Set the Over Voltage Protection. (as instructed on the next page) Check if all the settings are correct, press the On/Off button to supply voltage to the terminals. Note for the Green "‐25V" channel: Recall that the range of the green channel is from 0 to ‐25V. So the value you enter using the key pad will automatically be considered negative. PowerSupply Page 4 RIGOL Power Supply ‐ Page 4 How to set O.V.P (Over Voltage Protection) Important: Set the O.V. P. (Over Voltage Protection) to the same value or slightly above the desired voltage you just set on the previous page. O.V.P in small print O.V.P On/off O.V.P value Make Sure O.V. P is selected O.V. P Soft Key To set Over Voltage Protection (O.V.P): 1. Turn on the desired channel button 2. Press the O.V.P soft key until ON is lit next to O.V.P. in small print on the screen. Type in the desired O.V.P. voltage on the keypad and press OK. The desired O.V.P voltage will appear in small print. 3. O.V.P will be activated as soon as you turn on the channel by pressing the On/Off button. PowerSupply Page 5 RIGOL Power Supply ‐ Page 5 How to connect power supply to Launchpad To VCC Pins 1) Disconnect VCC jumper marked out in yellow 2) Connect the red channel's positive output to VCC pins marked out in green squares REMOVE THIS! 3) Connect the red channel negative output to GND pins marked out in blue PowerSupply Page 6...
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