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Unformatted text preview: ailable on this power supply, all are color coded. The red channel, with a +6 written on it, can supply voltage in the range 0‐6V. The yellow channel with +25 written on it has a supply range of 0‐25V. The green one with ‐25 is a negative power supply with range 0 to ‐25. For dual supply you need to use both the yellow and green channels. Pressing on the channel name will enable you to change the settings of the selected channel. When a channel is selected the setup of that channel will be highlighted on the display screen with a rectangle of the same color coding . Under the name of each channel there are On/Off buttons. Voltage is not supplied unless the button is pressed and lit. It is recommended to setup the channel before pressing On/Off the button for circuit protection. NOTICE! For each channel the display can be viewed in two parts. The big numbers are the actual voltage/current/power value that is being output from this particular channel. This part of the display will read 0 unless the On/Off button is lit. Below the big numbers are four...
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