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For workbenches with a RIGOL Power Supply Disregard this section if your Power Supply is Agilent Unlike the Agilent power supply, the common ground for V1 and V2 is provided as shown in the figure below marked in red. You will not need to connect the negative terminal of V1 to the positive terminal of V2 as you did for the Agilent power supply. Note: If you see a different screen than the one in the figure, you probably entered another screen by pressing one of the option keys (marked in yellow). The corresponding option key will be lit up. You can return to the default screen shown here by pressing on the lit key or you probably pressed the zoom key, selecting Cancel or Exit from the soft keys (marked in blue) under the screen will take you to the default screen. Soft Keys + V1 + V2 Common Ground DC Power V+ DC Power V Option Keys Zoom key RIGOL Power Supply Page 1 PowerSupply Page 1
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Located at the front middle of the power supply are three keys for channel selection. There are three
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Use_RigolPowerSupply_wt_LaunchPad - RIGOLPowerSupply Page1...

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