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Unformatted text preview: he Handbook. Several individuals and companies, in particular, contributed substantial amounts of information to this edition. Dr. Bertil Colding, Colding International Corp., Ann Arbor, Michigan provided extensive material on grinding speeds, feeds, depths of cut, and tool life for a wide range of materials. He also provided practical information on machining econometrics, including tool wear and tool life and machining cost relationships. Dr. Bruce Harding, Director and Professor of MET, Purdue University contributed information on GD&T as well material on the differences between ISO and ANSI surface finish symbology. Mr. Edward Craig of WeldTrain International and ABB Flexible Automation, Inc. contributed information on pipe welding. Mr. Sidney Kravitz provided valuable information on the weight of piles for different materials. Dr. T. A. Stolarski, Professor at Brunel University, provided detailed explanations and equations on aerodynamic lubrication. Mr. Alec Stokes provided much new material that was incorporated into gearing sections including highpoint gears, British spur and helical gearing, addendum modification to involute spur and helical gears, and hypoid gears. Mr. Richard Pohanish contributed material on metal working fluids. Hansvedt Industries provided a detailed listing of EDM terms. Mr. Matthew Radcliff supplied data on wood screw pilot hole sizes. Mr. Robert E. Green, as editor emeritus, contributed much useful, well organized material to this edition. He also provided invaluable practical guidance to the editorial staff during the Handbook’s compilation. Finally, Industrial Press is extremely fortunate that Mr. Henry H. Ryffel, author and editor of Machinery’s Handbook, continues to be deeply involved with the Handbook. Henry’s ideas, suggestions, and vision are deeply appreciated by everyone who worked on this book....
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