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The editors objective continues to be that of making

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Unformatted text preview: throughout the world. The editors’ objective continues to be that of making the Handbook a practical tool to be used in the same way that other kinds of tools are used, to make or repair products of high quality, at the lowest cost, and in the shortest time possible. Reference works such as Machinery's Handbook cannot carry the same information in successive editions if they are to justify the claim that new or updated material is always presented. The editors of such a book must move with the times, keeping a finger on the pulse of manufacturing industry to learn what subjects have less, and what have more, usefulness to the majority of users. At the same time, material that is of proven worth must continue to be included if the Handbook is to provide for the needs of disciplines that do not develop as fast as, for instance, the numerical control field. Thus, it remains a difficult task to select suitable material from the almost limitless supply of data pertaining to the manufacturing and mechanical engineering fields, and to provide for the needs of design and production departments in all sizes of manufacturing plants and workshops, as well as those of jobbing shops, trade schools, and technical schools. The editors rely to some extent on conversations with users of the Handbook, and on postcards and other written communications from Handbook users, for guidance on which topics should be introduced, revised, lengthened, shortened, or omitted. In response to users’ suggestions, in recent years material on logarithms, trigonometry, and other topics was restored, and in this edition sine-bar tables have finally been restored after numerous requests for this topic. Also at the request of users, in 1997 the first ever large-print or “desktop” edition of the Handbook was published, followed in 1998 by the publication of Machinery's Handbook CD-ROM including several hundred additional pages of material restored from earlier editions. Regular users of the Handbook should be able to identify some of the many change...
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