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For example in writing a paper some references should

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Unformatted text preview: faculty should require students In to access the international resources. For example, in writing a paper, some references should be from international sources. In paper, another example, each student in a class can be assigned a another country and to find out about the psychology as a science and profession in that country. All the students in the class can then profession hen report of their findings, thus giving a broad view of the world of psychology. The students can find global or international resources easily from the webpage we set up. Faculty members can share their ideas and assignments on the “Teaching Teaching Resources” webpage. Created by Dr. Joanne Hsu Resources webpage. Created Internationalizing the Psychology Curriculum Internationalizing at Houston Community College (HCC) Pedagogical Issues Pedagogical Active learning activities are well suited for addressing the Active global issues from a psychological perspective. global Small Group Discussion Small Debate Debate Group project Group Conflict Resolution (role play) Conflict Learning activities a...
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