Joanne hsu created sabbatical project chiehwen joanne

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Unformatted text preview: oanne Hsu Created Sabbatical Project Chiehwen (Joanne) Lai Hsu, Ph.D. to gain knowledge about the emerging Global to (or International) Psychology to gain a more in-depth understanding of the to depth indigenous psychology movement in Taiwan and other aspects of psychological research and practice in Taiwan To lay the ground work to facilitate the To internationalization of psychology curriculum at Houston Community College (e.g., website, workshops, etc.) Created by Dr. Joanne Hsu Created Globalization of Psychology U. S. traditional psychology has been considered “the U. mainstream psychology” in the world since the end of WWII (1945). In the past two decades, the process of globalization In (economic, political, social, and technology development) has “flattened” and “shrunk” the world, and has created many new challenges and opportunities at a global scale (Friedman, 2006). Created by Dr. Joanne Hsu Created Globalization of Psychology Since 1990, there is a tremendous worldwide growth Since in psychology, especially in region...
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