S one enrollment is more than 55000 offering a full

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Unformatted text preview: One (enrollment is more than 55,000) Offering a full range of academic courses transferable Offering to 4 – year universities Providing associate and technical degrees, career and Providing technology education courses and certificates, continuing education, corporate training, etc. Having the highest number of exemplary career Having technology programs in Texas 1st in associate degree transfers in Texas 1st in international student enrollment in the nation Small classes, dedicated faculty, and low tuition Small (50% of the American college students now enroll in community colleges.) Created by Dr. Joanne Hsu Created Psychology Courses offered at Psychology Houston Community College Houston PSYC2301: PSYC2301: PSYC2306: PSYC2306: PSYC2314: PSYC2314: PSYC2316: PSYC2316: PSYC2317: PSYC2317: PSYC2319: PSYC2319: PSYC2370: PSYC2370: PSYC2374: PSYC2374: PSYC2389: PSYC2389: Introduction to Psychology Human Sexuality Human Human Growth and Development: Human Lifespan Psychology of Personality (and Abnormal Psychology) Statistical Methods in Psychology Social Psychology Multicultural Issues in Psychology Psychology of Women Psychology of Death and Dying Created by Dr. J...
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