The european diploma was approved by the council of

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Unformatted text preview: . The European Diploma was approved by the Council of Europe and the European Parliament in June 2005. North America: A group of psychologists from U.S., Canada, and Mexico created the Trilateral Forum (following the NAFTA treaties) to seek a common licensure and credentialing system for the psychologists in the region. Created by Dr. Joanne Hsu Created Development of a Global Curriculum: Regional Efforts Latin America: The First Latin American Conference on Training in Psychology (1975) has outlined a five-year professional psychology degree program (including one-year of supervised practice and a thesis) that has offered a consistent curriculum across the region. South Pacific and Indian Ocean Region: The Asia-Oceania Professional Association of Psychologists was formed and representatives from Australia, Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Sri Lanka met in July 2002 to discuss their common needs, opportunities for professional exchange, and possibility of international accreditation of training between the countries. Creat...
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