The creative benefits are most apparent when the

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Unformatted text preview: me creativity-supporting cognitive processes. The creative benefits are most apparent when the multicultural The experience involves deep immersion (such as living in a foreign countrie) rather than just cursory foreign experiences (such as traveling abroad). Individuals who are more open to foreign cultures and who Individuals actively compare and contrast between the home and foreign cultures reap more creative benefits. The creative benefits are less apparent in contexts that require a The need for firm answers or adherence to conventional knowledge, or under time pressure. Created by Dr. Joanne Hsu Created Five Minds for the Future: The Respectful Mind Responding sympathetically and constructively to differences among individuals and among groups; seeking to understand and work with those who are different; extending beyond mere tolerance and political correctness. (Gardner, 2006, p. 157) Building global competence in psychology instills one with genuine appreciation for cultural diversity and deep commitment to its preserva...
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