And encourage students to learn at least one foreign

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Unformatted text preview: ce studies, future studies, and macroeconomics (Marsella, 2007). and Encourage students to learn at least one foreign language and Encourage to participate in study abroad opportunities. Created by Dr. Joanne Hsu Created Toward a Global Professional Toward Psychology Development of a Global Curriculum Development At the present, the definition, training, and credentialing of professional psychologists (including clinical, counseling, school) vary around the globe. However, a global training curriculum and profession of psychology is worth pursuing. A global curriculum could lay the groundwork for: •international professional mobility •exchange of resources and ideas •expansion of the boundaries of the profession by sharing and incorporating global views •Becoming a valid profession throughout the world Created by Dr. Joanne Hsu Created from Burgess et. al. (2004) Professional Qualifications in 16 Countries/regions country/ region Years of undergraduate Years study in psychology required to Practice (P) or Apply (A) to Graduate Studies Studies General General Education additional part of undergradu undergradu ate ate curriculum Years of graduate study (GS)/ supervised Practice (SP) Practice Minimum Minimum degree required to legally practice legally USA 0-2 (A) Yes 3-5 (GS)+2 (SP) Canada 2+1 Honors (A) Yes 2-4 (GS)+1 (SP) Doctorate (in 46/50) Doctorate (in 4/12) Latin Latin America America 5 (P) No 0 NUSE* Australia 3+1 Honors (A) No 2...
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