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G peace and conflict resolution disaster management

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Unformatted text preview: subspecialties (e.g., peace and conflict resolution, disaster management, public policy). (Marsella, 2007, p. 345) Created by Dr. Joanne Hsu Created Building Global Competence in Psychology 5. Concern for Peace, Justice, and Nonviolence. Three values (peace, justice, and nonviolence) are essential to guide the psychology education and training. In course work, extracurricular activities, these values must be clearly articulated and supported. Psychology must support activism that promotes peace and social justice. (Marsella, 2007) Created by Dr. Joanne Hsu Created Five Minds for the Future Howard Gardner (2006) argued that global Howard citizens would need to develop five minds to strive in the future. The Discipline Mind The The Synthesizing Mind The The Creating Mind The The Respectful Mind The The Ethical Mind The I believe that building global competence in believe psychology helps nurture the development of the five minds. five Created by Dr. Joanne Hsu Created Five Minds for the Future: The Discipline Mind Employing the ways of thinking associated with major scholarly disciplines (history, math, sci...
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