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Unformatted text preview: ation Need Available ABC ABC ABC P0 0 1 0 743 230 P1 3 0 2 020 P2 3 0 1 600 P3 2 1 1 011 P4 0 0 2 431 Executing safety algorithm shows that sequence < P1, P3, Executing P4, P0, P2> satisfies safety requirement. satisfies Can request for (3,3,0) by P4 be granted? Can Can request for (0,2,0) by P0 be granted? Can Deadlock Detection Allow system to enter deadlock state Allow Detection algorithm Recovery scheme Deadlocks Single Instance of Each Resource Single Type Type Maintain wait-for graph Maintain wait-for Nodes are processes. Pi → Pj if Pi is waiting for Pj. is Deadlocks Periodically invoke an algorithm that searches for a Periodically cycle in the graph. If there is a cycle, there exists a deadlock. deadlock. An algorithm to detect a cycle in a graph requires an An order of n2 operations, where n is the number of order vertices in the graph. vertices Resource-Allocation Graph and Resource-Allocation Wait-for Graph Wait-for Resource-Allocation Graph Corresponding wait-for graph Deadlocks Several Instances of a Resource Several Type Type Available: A vector of length m indicates the number of available resources of each type. available Allocation: An...
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