Since 3 pretend to allocate requested resources to pi

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Unformatted text preview: nd to allocate requested resources to Pi by modifying the Pretend state as follows: state Available = Available – Request; Allocationi = Allocationi + Requesti; Allocation Request Needi = Needi – Requesti; Request q q Deadlocks If safe ⇒ the resources are allocated to Pi. If If unsafe ⇒ Pi must wait, and the old resource-allocation state is If restored restored Example of Banker’s Algorithm Deadlocks 5 processes P0 through P4; processes 3 resource types: resource A (10 instances), B (5instances), and C (7 instances). Snapshot at time T0: Snapshot Allocation Max Available ABC ABC ABC P0 0 1 0 753 332 P1 2 0 0 322 P2 3 0 2 902 P3 2 1 1 222 P4 0 0 2 433 Example (Cont.) The content of the matrix Need is defined to be The Need Max – Allocation. Max Allocation P0 P1 P2 P3 P4 Deadlocks Need ABC 743 122 600 011 431 The system is in a safe state since the sequence The < P1, P3, P4, P2, P0> satisfies safety criteria. satisfies Example: P1 Request (1,0,2) Example: Deadlocks Check that Request ≤ Available (that is, (1,0,2) ≤ (3,3,2) Check ⇒ true. Alloc...
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