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70 final completed - Questions 1) 3 important things about...

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Questions 1) 3 important things about ideologies. First, ideologies do not consist of isolated and separate concepts but in the articulation of different elements into distinctive set or chain of meanings. Second, ideological statements are made by individuals but ideologies are not the product of individual consciousness or intention. Third ideologies work by constructing for their subjects positions of identification and knowledge which allow them to utter ideological truths. Ideologies are ‘uttered’ through the media and media helps the reproduction of ideological thought. The problem of race and racist ideologies are reproduced through the media. He supports his claim by using an example televisions programs which deal with some “problem” in race relations. Overt racism vs inferential racism: Overt racism; “those many occasions when open and favorable coverage is given to arguments, positions and spokespersons who are in the business of elaborating an openly racist argument or advancing a racist policy or view.“ inferential racism; “ those apparently naturalized representations of events and situations relating to race, whether “factual” or “fictional” which have racist premisses and propositions inscribed in them as a set of unquestioned assumptions. These enable racist statements to be formulated without ever bringing into awareness the racist predicates on which the statements are grounded” 2) How did Cosby show break w/ the past in terms of representation of African Americans? In the 1950’s and 1960’s, blackness was represented in tv through stereotypical black characters- they were there to amuse and serve white people. They enforced ideals of white superiority and paternalism. Through time, black characters began to find a larger place in television programming, however they were still “viewed as what white liberal middle-class on television projected them as”. These are scenes of “authentic accounts of poor black urban ghetto experience”. However, with the Cosby Show, both of these types were broken, as “blackness was mediated and explicitly figured through home life, family, and middle classness”. The characters are that of middle-upper class, and while ‘blackness’ is an issue; it does not steal the show. “Blackness coexisted in the show on the same plane as their upper-middle-class success”. Why was this break important? The break in stereotyping characters created a show that was universally appealing, but dealt with very real issues. On the same token, it paved the way for future programming. “It offered a more complex representation of African American life than had been seen previously”. Why do they praise the Cosby show?
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70 final completed - Questions 1) 3 important things about...

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