Aberdeen ERP TCO Midsize_July 2007

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Unformatted text preview: 71 Epicor 131 11.9 $397,222 $5,366 SAP 409 11.9 $1,276,667 $6,111 Oracle 382 11.5 $1,929,167 $7,361 All Others 175 10.6 $392,241 $5,314 All Mid-Size Companies 220 11.0 $695,750 $5,523 ERP Vendor Source: Aberdeen Group, July 2007 Service Costs Dollars spent on external professional services (including training but not including software or internal headcount) are a significant portion of the total ERP investment. Table 5 lists average service costs side-by-side to average © 2007 Aberdeen Group, Inc. www.aberdeen.com Telephone: 617 723 7890 040707a The Total Cost of ERP Ownership in Mid-Size Companies Page 5 software costs, since very often the ratio of services to software costs is indicative of both ease of use and ease of implementation. Therefore, the vendors are listed by this average ratio, in ascending order. Infor customers have the lowest ratio and typically spend $0.70 for every dollar spent on software. Average service costs per module implemented is displayed in the table as well...
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