Aberdeen ERP TCO Midsize_July 2007

Samples ranged from 41 to 275 where a sample size was

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Unformatted text preview: han 100, vendors were only included if responses were uniform and consistent. Telephone: 617 723 7890 040707a The Total Cost of ERP Ownership in Mid-Size Companies Page 4 Table 3: Average Size of Implementations by Vendor Survey Respondents from Mid-Size Companies All Survey Respondents ERP Vendor Average # of Users Average # of ERP Modules Implemented Average # of Users Average # of ERP Modules Implemented Epicor 62 10.4 131 11.9 Lawson 128 10.6 147 10.8 QAD 304 10.4 192 10.2 Infor 120 10.0 196 11.0 Oracle 834 11.3 319 11.5 SAP 1365 12.4 409 11.9 94 10.3 175 10.6 All Others Source: Aberdeen Group, July 2007 Table 4 lists the average software costs, the average number of users, and the average number of modules implemented for the selected vendors. The average across all other vendors as well as all mid-size companies is also shown. With the exception of “All Others” and “All Mid-Size Companies,” vendors appear in sequence of lowest average software cost, to highest. With the exception of SAP and Oracle, the other vendors have very similar costs – Infor demo...
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