Aberdeen ERP TCO Midsize_July 2007

This can result from a combination of factors first

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Unformatted text preview: y the increased module count, implementations can become more complex once the $50 million and $100 million thresholds are reached successively. Secondly, companies less than $50 million in revenue are more likely to have tighter purse strings and therefore are more likely to attempt to implement by engaging fewer outside resources. Findings indicate that small companies are 58% more likely than their mid-size counterparts to achieve their first “go-live” milestone in six months or less. Costs Vary by Vendors Because of the correlation between size and cost, for the purposes of this Sector Insight, only mid-size companies were included in the side-by-side comparison of vendors. Table 3 shows the comparison between the average number of users of all survey respondents using a specific vendor versus the average number of users of survey respondents in mid-size companies only. © 2007 Aberdeen Group, Inc. www.aberdeen.com Vendor Selection Vendors were selected based on the sample size available from our pool of survey respondents. Samples ranged from 41 to 275. Where a sample size was less t...
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