Aberdeen ERP TCO Midsize_July 2007

This too was observed but only in step fashion in

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Unformatted text preview: tep fashion in certain bracketed segments (Table 2). For example, companies with annual revenues in the range of $0 to $250 million reported very similar © 2007 Aberdeen Group, Inc. www.aberdeen.com For Comparative Purposes… Many survey participants indicated two or more ERP packages were implemented across the enterprise. But, for purposes of vendor comparison, only those responses where participants clearly identified a single ERP vendor were used. This reduced the sample size to 830 responses, 316 of which were from mid-size companies. Telephone: 617 723 7890 040707a The Total Cost of ERP Ownership in Mid-Size Companies Page 3 software costs per user. Significant volume discounts were not achieved until the number of users topped 200. In fact, the software cost per user actually increased as we progressed from small (under $50 million), to mid-size, and through the first two mid-size brackets. However, we also saw a jump in the number of modules implemented as companies passed the $50 million mark. This progression implies that as c...
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