Aberdeen ERP TCO Midsize_July 2007

With the exception of sap and oracle the other

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Unformatted text preview: nstrating the lowest even with an average number of users under 200. “Our focus now is on implementing functionality that we own but don’t use. We recently hired someone to champion the installation of those modules, and we’re currently discovering what’s available and what we want to start using. We think that implementing MRP, and using capacity planning, will be the most important – and we plan to implement that this year. Our number one opportunity right now is efficiency in the plant – demand is high right now, and so we want to learn how to be the most efficient that we can to get the most product out of our shop. That will have a direct impact on the bottom line.” ~Michael Bodinger, Director of Information Technology, Hackney Ladish, Inc. Table 4: Software Costs by Vendor Average # of Users Average # of ERP Modules Implemented Average Software $’s Average Software $ per User Infor 196 11.0 $703,261 $5,206 Lawson 147 10.8 $482,500 $5,261 QAD 192 10.2 $633,871 $5,2...
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