Aberdeen ERP TCO Midsize_July 2007

Yet few demonstrate the discipline to closely monitor

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Unformatted text preview: O has proven to be a significant factor in software selection, it is important to keep both costs and benefits in mind throughout the life of an ERP implementation and beyond. Aberdeen’s Realize the Returns from Enterprise Management Applications found that Best-in-Class are on average 88% more likely to estimate ROI before initiating projects and are 130% more likely to measure ROI after project completion. As a result, these best performing companies produce, on average, 93% more improvement across a variety of metrics such as cost reductions, schedule performance, headcount reduction or redeployment, and quality improvements. This finding, along with recommended actions from the 2007 ERP in Manufacturing Benchmark, lead Aberdeen to strongly recommend considering all costs associated with ERP, estimating ROI prior to embarking on major ERP projects, and calculating ROI upon completion. For more information on this or other research topics, please visit www.aberdeen.com. 1To the astute reader, “Software $’s per User” does not equal “Average Software $’s” divided by “Average Users” for the following reason:...
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